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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

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“In our deepest moments of struggle, frustration, fear, and confusion, we are being broken open, not broken.”

Pema Chödrön


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New Narrative Counseling & Coaching currently accepts AETNA and CIGNA insurance plans. Sliding scale financing is available for individuals experiencing financial hardship. A secure virtual payment platform. Invoices and Super-Bills are available for all clients.

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Clients are able to securely schedule their virtual appointments, and seamlessly integrate them into their personal calendars. Now is the time to put your health first! Schedule your appointment today, or book a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your concerns.

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At New Narrative Counseling & Coaching, we delve deep into the heart of interpersonal and childhood trauma, relationship complexities, and the art of parenting. Our therapeutic approach is designed to guide individuals, couples, and families through the intricate paths of their past and present experiences toward a more connected and fulfilling future.

Empowerment Through Understanding

For individuals carrying the silent echoes of childhood experiences, our doors open to a sanctuary where past wounds are tenderly addressed, offering a path to reclaim your narrative with compassion and care.

Harmony In  Togetherness

Couples at crossroads or seeking deeper unity are invited to explore our couples therapy—a haven to fortify bonds, dissolve barriers, and cultivate a relationship that flourishes with mutual understanding and respect.

Parenting With Perspective

Parents and caregivers will discover a supportive partner in our practice, providing insights and strategies to foster a nurturing and positive family environment, ensuring that the legacy you build with your children is one of love and healthy growth.

getting started

Whether this is your first time in therapy, or your first time with New Narrative Counseling & Coaching, we aim to make  the onboarding process welcoming & simple. 3 easy steps to starting your new journey.


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Ms. Jasmine has been extremely helpful in my trauma recovery journey. I highly recommend her as she genuinely cares about her clients. She’s straightforward and gives very good and helpful advice.

She’s a great listener, she has great ideas, she never rushes a response, and if you ever have a phone call with her you will both be laughing a little bit at some point. She genuinely loves what she does and truly cares about you.

I’m new to therapy, I was anxious about what to expect and feeling like I would have so much to unload. Jasmine has been so wonderful and so easy to talk to. She is so knowledgeable and I feel so connected to her. She has definitely helped me in just a short amount of time, I am excited to see how overtime she can help me even more.

Jasmine has been amazing with helping me through this rough patch I’m having. She responds in a timely manner and offers ways of processing feelings through short assignments that actually challenges me to think. It is refreshing to have a counselor like her that doesn’t just sit and listen and agree with everything I say. She actually makes me think and process my feelings and it’s greatly appreciated. I’d highly recommend her to everyone.

Jasmine takes the time to understand and provide informative and helpful insight on how to help my relationship.

Jasmine is a life saver. She connects so well with my daughter and also with me, as a mother. That is so rare and refreshing. Thanks for all you do Jasmine. I appreciate you!

Jasmine has such a calm, accepting, energy. She is very astute and picks up on details within a very short timeframe. She provides lots of helpful options with a pressure-free attitude and is very open to all kinds of topics and questions. I’ve found her extremely professional yet candid and I’m so comfortable working with her.

I am so grateful to have Jasmine in my life. She has been essential in my personal development.

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